Intel - Service Design

These sketches are the backbone of a customer experience Waveline. A Waveline provides the client with a visual representation of the experiences felt by their customers over the lifetime of a product. The map provides a framework to make sense of the way customer’s learn and interact with the various touchpoints over time.

Worked with Intel to improve their customer engagement process while I was pursuing my DMBA.
Waveline - A Waveline is a tool illustrating a slice in time of a user’s experience with a given product or service. The infographic illuminates the intensity of the user experience over time, clarifying where improvements can be made. In this case, the Intel WIDI - wireless display, customer journey is followed from online research through in-store purchase.

I designed this workmap format specifically for Intel.

• Mapping the consumer experience across touchpoints over time
• Identifies the ideal experience of a product or service
• Overlaying various personas and intensity of emotions

This is a design variation that was further improved by showing the overlap of users and the delta between their experiences, as shown above.
These were the initial sketches for the Waveline template. How to show time, intensity, multiple personas over numerous touchpoints.
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